Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Zante Medical Care maintains a multi-dimensional social corporate responsibility program, wishing to give back to the community all the while focusing on people. Key actions include:



Medical Coverage of Basketball Games - Medical Coverage of Automotive Races and Events


Social support

Donation to the local community grocery.

Donation of Medical and Pharmaceutical Equipment
Zante Medical Care as part of Corporate Social Responsibility activities in cooperation with Tourism and Employment Department of the Municipality of Zakynthos, offered medical and pharmaceutical equipment for lifeguards to strengthen protection of bathers on the shores of Zakynthos Island.


"Zakynthos supports the Little Heroes"

On Saturday, February 16, 2019, a charity event was held at the Cultural Center of Zakynthos.

The event was organized by Zante Medical Care. The purpose of the events was to strengthen the work of the «Flame» Association and raise awareness of childhood cancer.

The day started with greetings, continued with music and dancing programs, from local clubs and orchestra.

Also, tattoos were made with the day's logo and other designs as well as the creation of handmade clothes. A team of volunteers made face painting and events for our little friends.

Finally, the events ended with a live music program from the Vegas band at the Sizzle Club in Laganas.




Day Conference for the Prevention of the Modern Woman

On 9th of April of 2016 in the auditorium of Zakynthos’s music school performed successfully a day conference with the title “Prevention and Modern Woman”. It organized by primary care provider called Zante Medical Care and the Cretan Association of Zakynthos called “Megalonisos”, with the participation of distinguished doctors, nurses and public.

The aim of the event was to inform participants about ways of prevention to health issues that concern every woman of the 21st century. Interesting topics discussed such as for the newest data of the cervical cancer and HPV, as breast cancer and the prevention of this, and finally, as the contraception and the family planning.

During the event, there was a relevant area where interested parties have registered and conducted free Pap test by the speakers.

Zante Medical Care has a well-equipped gynecological surgery in the company’s medical center in Zakynthos town.In this medical center, medical act performed by renowned doctors in the gynecology specialty.


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